Check in daily

Open Tickdays when you're on-the-move or at the end of the day. Rate your day and tick off your habits.

Write a journal entry and send your future self a message.

Tickdays app on the Today screen

Track your progress

Track your mood over time, and see how well you're getting on with Tickdays in the Insights tab. A chart shows your good days, while also highlighting your average day rating over the previous week.

Tickdays app on the Insights screen

Insights for your habits

Your habits are what make Tickdays personal to you.

Check how you're getting on with each of your habits. You can also compare how you felt on days when you achieved your habits to how you felt on days when you didn't.

Tickdays app on the Insights screen

See your history

Scroll through every day you've entered into Tickdays proudly - you can see your entries like a journal with your mood for that day, a list of habits you ticked off and your notes.

Click onto a day to view it in full detail and make any changes.

Tickdays app on the Log screen

Your habits

Add your habits to Tickdays so you can tick them off when you check-in. You can assign days when you won't be working on your habits and they won't show on your checklist on those days.

You can reorder your habits to match your priorities by dragging your habit to the place you want it.

Tickdays app on the add habit screen

Daily reminders

Tickdays can send you a morning message with a list of your planned habits for the day.

Life can be overwhelming so we just show you 3 at a time!

iPhone notification from Tickdays

Message your future self

When you're feeling motivated, write a message from you to your future self!

You'll get this message sometime the following day - to give you that extra push to get stuck-in to your habits.

iPhone notification from Tickdays